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Cheer Competition

Date: Nov 02, 2019
Saturday, November 2, 2019
Tentative Event Schedule
Subject to change. Receive warm-up & performance times at registration.
Emails will be sent out to the Coach after October 20, 2017.
Registration Individual Competitions, Jr. High School/High School All-Star divisions.
9:00- Registration Youth/Elementary Divisions
9:10- Jr. High/JV Division Competition begins
9:30- Varsity Cheer 1A-2A
Varsity Cheer 3A-4A
Varsity Cheer 5A-6A
10:00- Christian/Non-building
11:00- All Star Division (Sr. 10th-12th)
All Star Division (Jr. 7th-9th)
All Star Division (Youth 3rd-6th)
All Star Division (Mini PreK-2nd)
11:30- Individual Stamina Jumps, Tumbling Competition
12:30- Awards
NPF Grand Champions will be selected from TOP Jr. High and High School Divisions. “Best of Show” will be selected from TOP Elementary Divisions.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be awarded to divisions of 5 or more teams!
Divisions of 2 or 3 will only have a first place trophy!
Cash Prize and Individual Awards for the NPF Grand Champions!
Event will be held in the Wells Fargo Arena, located at the south entrance. Participants should enter through the SOUTH GATE.
Special Awards
*Cash prizes to TOP squad
*Cash prize to top individual combination routine
*”Fan”tastic fans award for most crowd involvement (signs, cheering, chanting, & Making some noise!!)
*Cash Prize amounts determined by participate numbers*
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2019 Cheerleading Competition Guidelines
1. NO REFUNDS FOR NO-SHOWS AT COMPETITION! Requests for refunds must be made in writing prior to October 11, 2019.
2. ALL teams and individual competitors must have a signed waiver form in order to compete. No exceptions! You must be a member of the squad/team the entire season to be eligible to compete with the squad/team. The coach must bring signed forms to registration.
3. SPECTATOR FEE: All spectators (ages 6 & over) must have a ticket to enter the fairgrounds. Competitors’ fees include fair admission for squad members and 2 coaches/advisors. Advanced tickets may be purchased through the NPF ticket office.
4. Coaches should register upon arrival and receive scheduled warm-up and performance times. Teams will be allowed 4 minutes warm-up prior to competing. An 18’x24’ warm-up area is provided. Please have your squad “on deck” and ready at the warm up area 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
5. COMPETITION FLOOR: The competition will be held in the arena at the South Gate of the NPF fairgrounds. The competition floor is a 42’x42’ matted area with approximately 18’ overhead clearance at the outer edges of the pavilion and extending to 53’ high in the center. If any member of your squad/team steps off the mat at any time during the performance, 10 points will be deducted from the total score. Remember, this is an arena, so the floor is not always perfectly flat due to it being dirt. We do our best to ensure a flat, safe performance surface for all girls. This year, mats will be vertical to the judges’ table.
6. MUSIC: Music is allowed for the entire routine or only a portion of the routine. There will be a 10 point deduction for exceeding the time limit of 2 ½ minutes for squad performances and 1 ½ minutes for individual routines. Timing begins with the first word, movement, or music. You may bring CD, cassette, or iPod with auxiliary cord. Please bring an extra copy. Some burnt CDs do not work, so come prepared. Each squad will need a sponsor/advisor to stop/start their music. It is the responsibility of the coach to make the decision to stop the music due to technical difficulties or injury. If this occurs, the routine will be judged up to the point the coach stopped the routine. The team will be rescheduled to perform within 10 minutes. If the coach chooses NOT to stop the routine, the team will not have the option to perform again. Music must be appropriate for all ages since this is a family event. There shall be no vulgar words or movement.
7. ROUTINES: Routines should include any combination of jumps, tumbling, cheer, dance, and pyramids. Music is allowed for the entire routine or only a portion of the routine. Squad routines should not exceed 2 ½ minutes. Individual routines should not exceed 1 ½ minutes. Cheerleaders may use signs, flags, megaphones, and pom poms.
8. AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded for all divisions. Number of trophies presented depends on number of squads entered. And categories may be combined due to number of entries.
9. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL: A panel of qualified judges will determine winners. Competition rules will be according to the National Federation of State High School Associations. You may call 1-800-776-3462 or 816-646-5400 or go online to obtain the rules.
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