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CubMobile Derby Oct 2023

1st place… Green Flame Car - Fisher Hicks.
2nd place…Roll Tide Car - Addisyn Carder.
3rd place… Purple Car -Landon Hiers.
1st place… Green Flame Car - Fisher Hicks.
2nd place…Roll Tide Car - Addisyn Carder.
3rd place… Purple Car -Landon Hiers.
Best Design -Braxton Oliver.
Best Paint - Maryburne Haisten.
Best Theme - Coleman Fletcher (Peanut Car)
Most Original - Carson Braswell.
70th CubMobile Derby. Sponsored by Buffalo Rock/
Pepsi , Paulk A/C, Scott Stevens Tire, Stonewood Candle & SouthEast Alabama Gas.

2023 CubMobile Derby

The NPF Cubmobile Derby is designed as an adult-child program. An adult is expected to help in the construction of the car.This event is intended to be a learning experience and provide both adult and child the opportunity to form confidence in one another, while demonstrating the importance of sportsmanship and individual pride.



1) The Cubmobile Derby is open to boys & girls ages 7-12 (by day of the race). Date of birth to be indicated on entry form.

2) Any car that has placed FIRST will not be allowed to participate again. However, all previous winners are invited to display their winning cars during each annual event.

3) Cars built in previous years (except FIRST PLACE cars) may be raced again by a boy or girl who meets age requirements.


1) It is recommended that the entrant build his/her car. Adult assistance is recommended with the following: planning, layout of floorboard, using tools, setting up power tools, drilling holes, joining parts, assembling steering and brake, mixing of fillers and paint, and alignment.

2) Entrant and parent or guardian must fill out and sign the entry form which is presented when registration fee is paid.


1) Your car must pass inspection by an Official Inspection Committee Member.

2) Special attention will be given to axles, wheels, steering, and brakes during inspection. Failure to provide car with strong and safe steering and braking devices may lead to disqualification


1) Any unsportsmanlike conduct will cause disqualification of the car and driver.

2) Any car that crosses the center line or outside line(s) (of the course) or interferes with another racer will be disqualified. In theevent both cars were to cross the stated lines/boundaries, the 1st car identified by race officials will be disqualified.

3) Hitting the finish line reflector mechanism is a lane violation resulting in the loss of that heat. In the event that the reflector mechanism is damaged or lane indicators become inoperable, the finish line official will make the race result call.

4) The Cubmobile Derby Committee may disqualify any car or driver that, in their opinion, endangers the driver, other drivers, spectators, or attempts to gain any unfair advantages.


1) The race will be run on a double elimination system (must lose twice before being eliminated) by heats with two cars in each heat.

2) Lane position is determined by the car with the highest number racing on the South side of the ramp/course.

3) The race position number drawn by the entrant prior to the event is FINAL and no exchanges will be allowed.


1) Only wheels and axles sanctioned by the Cubmobile Derby can be used and are obtained at the registration site.

2) Tampering, painting or altering wheels, bearings, or tires is prohibited and may be cause for disqualification.

3) Axles may be oiled or graphite used thereon. No other changes allowed.


1) Cars must not weigh in excess of 125 pounds without the driver.

2) Width of the car cannot exceed the length of the axles. Wheel base must be at least 48 inches.

3) Overall length of the car must not exceed 80 inches.

4) Maximum height of the car must not exceed 28.5 inches.

5) Cars must have a minimum three inch (3”) road clearance at its lowest point and a maximum eight inch (8”) clearance at the front end.

6) Cars must be equipped with a drag brake capable of stopping the car within 50 feet.


1) Driving Position:

A) The car body and car seat must be built for quick and easy operation of steering and brakes. Your hips must be parallel to the ground, and your feet must be the forward most part of your body when racing.

B) If you use a reclining driving position, the rear portion of the car must protect your head at all times. Any backrest must have a minimum slope of 30 degrees (approximately) so that the driver can view the race course at an angle over the top of the front wheels.

2) Cars shall be equipped with a full or partial steering wheel. It cannot be less than 6 inches in diameter. If made of metal, it must contain a continuous loop. Cross bars, joysticks, t-handles, or ropes are not permitted.


1) The race is held at National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds 5622 US Hwy 231 South Dothan, AL, beginning at 9:30 AM. (North parking lot entering at Festival Dr.)

2) Cars and drivers report to the race site at 8:00 AM.Arrival procedures are as follows: A: Check-In/Registration tent; B: Draw Position Number and placed on the car; C: T-Shirt pick-up; D: Position race car at assigned staging space numerically; and lastly, car inspections will then be completed. No assignments will be made after 9:00 AM.

3) No test runs will be allowed at race site day of or prior to race day.


1) Entry fee for 2023 will be $30.00 due by every participant. For those purchasing new wheels & axles, entry fee will be $50.00. Wheels/Axles are available for new cars only.


A. Online: Complete entry form and submit payment online.

B. Mail: Mail completed form and payment to National Peanut Festival 5622 US Highway 231 South Dothan, AL 36301.

C. Office: Drop off completed form and pay to the National Peanut Festival office. Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

If you have any questions, call the NPF office at 334-793-4323

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