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Entertainment for the 2024 National Peanut Festival!

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Food Court Stage 2024 Concerts

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Fairground Entertainment 2024

All Creatures Petting Zoo! Our petting zoo is a fun and interactive experience for all ages. We have a wide variety of friendly farm animals, including miniature goats, sheep, piglets, mini cattle, a mini donkey, a mini horse and alpacas! Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer any questions attendees may have about the animals. We have provided petting zoos at state and county fairs all across the country since 1998. From coast to coast and border to border.  More>
Barnyard Races!

Barnyard Races!

Get ready for some serious entertainment with our famous barnyard races! Our adorable and energetic pigs, goats, ducks & more will race around the track enthusiastically. It's a fun and unique experience that your guests won't forget. 
The Farm Experience

The Farm Experience

Our interactive experience provides hands-on learning for children and adults alike. Learn about farming and the animals that call it home. This experience is perfect for school programs, fairs, and other events. 
The Sea Lion Splash!

The Sea Lion Splash!

Back by popular demand! Showtime! Surfer Joe, trainer and host of the show, takes you through a thirty-minute spell binding show where he brings out the natural comedic behavior of these animals. These behaviors include in and out of water actions, balancing, catching and retrieving objects, handstands, dancing, singing and interaction with the audience.
The show is geared around educating the audience on the habits and nature of the sea lions with a lot of comedy thrown in. Sea lions are natural performers and will ad lib without prompting, stealing the show with their cute mischief.

The finale of the show provides the audience a magical moment with a close sea lion
encounter. Whether Showtime or not, sea lions will continuously provide entertainment by being their natural selves.
Immerse yourself in a spectacle where 10 extraordinary acts come to life beneath the Big Top!

Immerse yourself in a spectacle where 10 extraordinary acts come to life beneath the Big Top!

Astonishing Performances
Sword Swallowers, our Strong Lady, Fire Eaters,
Stage Illusions, Hollywood Divas of Danger,
Human Blockheads, Escape Artists, and more!

Also visit our Museum! Uncover an awe-inspiring collection
of oddities, artifacts, and interactive family fun.

Featured Attractions

Explore 'Barnum's Barnyard Encounter' with the world's most unusual animals
Meet the mysterious female blob and the renowned Fiji Mermaid
Delve into the history of circus sideshows
Interact with Glug Glug the Mud Momma
Snap photos for unforgettable memories
Marvel at living two-headed turtles
Brave the jungle snake pit and much more!

New Educational Experience Coming to the Festival!

Dive Into The Farm Experience with All Creatures Barnyard Entertainment!

Welcome to a unique educational adventure at The Farm Experience, brought to you by All Creatures Barnyard Entertainment! Our interactive and educational displays are designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for children and families. With a wide array of exhibits and activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Here's what you can expect:

Educational Displays:

  • The Chicken Coop: Explore the life of chickens as you gather eggs from nest boxes and learn about different breeds.
  • The Milk Parlor: Try your hand at milking with our life-size cow cutouts and discover the world of dairy cattle.
  • The Beef Barn: Understand the multifaceted role of cattle through an interactive exhibit highlighting beef and by-products.
  • The Pig Pen: Dive into the world of pigs, focusing on pork and its various by-products, alongside breed information.
  • The Sheep Shed: Feel the texture of wool, see wool garments, and learn about the uses of sheep beyond just meat.
  • The Goat Gathering: Discover the global importance of goats, their breeds, and the products derived from them.

Farmer For A Day:

  • Farmers Market: Kids can "shop" for plastic fruits, veggies, and more, experiencing the joy of the farmers market.
  • Gardening and More: From planting to harvesting, children will get a taste of gardening with interactive garden boxes.
  • Beef and More!: Learn about meat cuts with our giant magnetic boards, enhancing understanding of where our food comes from.
  • Sensory Areas: Engage with the textures of the farm through bins filled with corn

, beans, hay/straw, wool, and possibly soils, designed to stimulate the senses and enhance the learning experience.

  • Toddler Play Area: Specially designed for the little ones, this area features toy farm equipment, plastic animals, and rocking animals, with a seating area for parents.
  • Build a Brand: A creative workshop where kids can learn about the history of cattle brands and design their very own brand with help from our staff.

These displays and activities require a minimum space of 10 x 60 feet, though larger areas allow for an even better experience. Our goal is to provide an interactive and educational journey through farm life, making learning fun and engaging for children. At a cost of $1,000 per day, The Farm Experience offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with the origins of our food and the importance of agriculture in our lives.

Join us at The Farm Experience for a day filled with discovery, learning, and hands-on fun. Perfect for families, school groups, and anyone interested in the wonders of farm life. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

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