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2023 Premium Exhibits - Arts & Crafts

Photography Winners 2022

Overall Photography Cash prize Winners:

Division 158:

Grand Prize- Christine Kelley $100

1st- Cathleen Roach $100

2nd- Julie Elder $75

3rd- Jennifer Wilson $50

Honorable- Ruby Casey $25

Division 159:

1st-Christine Roach $100

2nd- Alexis Cook $75

3rd-Judith Newby Seay $50

Honorable- Steven Barnes $25

Division 160:

1st-Diane Hawkins Thomas $100

2nd- Paul Fretts $75

3rd- Matt Adams $50

Honorable- Paul Fretts $25


1st- Judith Newby Seay $100

2nd-Kim Flowers $75

3rd-Judith Newby Seay $50

Honorable- Kim Flowers $25

Division 162:

1st- Layla Rogers $75

2nd-Kyrie Smith $50

3rd-Shellie Cox $25

Honorable -Morgan Stickler $10

Doug Snellgrove Award – Judith Newby Seay (Plaque)

Peanut Class Winner – Paul Fretts $100

Division 158 – Professional:

Class 1:

1st- Jennifer Wilson

2nd-George Mathison

3rd- George Mathison

Honorable- Jesse Adams

Class 2:

1st- Joe H Stanford

2nd- Heather Paul

3rd- Steven Barnes

Honorable- Genevieve Smith

Class 3:

1st- Ruby Casey

2nd- Alaina Deshazo

3rd-George Mathison

Honorable- Jesse Adams

Class 4:

1st- Scott Howard

2nd- Scott Howard

3rd- Paul Fretts

Honorable- Alaino Deshazo

Class 5:

1st- Catheleen Roach

2nd-Rebecca Lane

3rd- Alaina Deshazo

Honorable- Keisha Williams

Class 6:

1st – Julie Elder

2nd- Scott Howard

3rd- Tilley Dombroski

Honorable- Rebecca Lane

Division 159 Amateur:

Class 1:

1st - Judith N Seay

2nd -Phyllis Rose Grich

3rd -Lindsay Marshall

Honorable- Phyllis Rose Grich

Class 2:

1st - Steven Barnes

2nd - Erica Demers

3rd- Erica Demers

Honorable - George Matheson

Class 3:

1st - Annetta Dasinger

2nd - Erica Demers

3rd - Radner Mooney

Honorable- Hannah Patterson

Class 4:

1st- Alexis Cook

2nd - Judith N Seay

3rd- Stephen Michaelis

Honorable -Nanette Shinn

Class 5:

1st- Christine R Kelley

2nd - Maci Exum

3rs- Mary Hollowell

Honorable- Randee Mooney

Class 6:

1st- Tara Messer

2nd - Hannah Patterson

3rd- Jacob R Powers

Honorable- Doug Burge

Division 160- Open Class:

Class 1:

1st- Diane Hawkins Thomas

2nd-Ashley Whaley

3rd-Shellie Cox

Honorable- Olivia Casady


1st- Paul Fretts

2nd-Scott Hopward

3rd- Justin Stickler

Honorable- Matthew Matheny


1st- Matt Adams

2nd- Stephen Michaelis

3rd- Larry Eldridge

Honorable- Ruby Casey

Class 4:
1st- Paul Fretts

2nd- Paul Fretts

3rd- Kim Flowers

Honorable- Carrie Hamilton

Division 161 – Black & White

Class 1:

1st Kim Flowers

2nd- Roderick Peterson

3rd- Austin Floyd

Honorable- Kim Flowers

Class 2:

1st- Judith Newby Seay

2nd- Randee Mooney

3rd- Alice Nelson

Honorable- Kim Flowers

Class 3:

1st- Austin Floys

2nd- Randee Mooney

3rd- Abbie Ellenburg

Honorable- Randee Mooney

Class 4:

1st Judith Seay

2nd Paul Fretts

3rd- Genevieve Smith

Honorable- Sarah Tillery

Class 5:

1st- Keisha Williams

2nd Alaina Deshazo

3rd- Keisha Williams

Honorable-Randee Mooney

Class 6:

1st- Kim Flowers

2nd- Julie Edler

3rd- Rachel Hampton

Honorable- Steven Bawles

Youth Photography Winners – Division 162:

Class 1:

1st – Layla Rogers

2nd- Carter Whitehurst

3rd- Sarah Anne Eldridge

Honorable-carter Whitehurst


1st-Shellie Cox

2nd-Lillie Ann Miller

3rd-Lillie Ann Miller

Honorable-Kyrie Smith

Class 3:

1st -Morgan Stickler

2nd-Hudson Ellis

3rd-Anna Carnley

Honorable-Abbie Ellenburg

Class 4:

1st-Hudson Ellis

2nd-Parker Schneider

3rd-Layla Rogers

Honorable-Matthew Matheny

Class 5:

1st-Kyrie Smith

2nd-Jade Turley

3rd-Kyrie Smith

Honorable-Laprie Smith

Class 6:

1st- John Puckett

2nd-Shellie Cox

3rd-Olivia Casady

Honorable- Layla Rogers

Premium Building Contests -2023

4-H FCCLA FFA (2023)
Cake & Cookie Decorating (2023)
Clubs & Organizations (2023)
Crafts & Hobbies (2023)
Field Crop (2023)
Food Preservation (2023)
Honey (2023)
Horticulture (2023)
Photography (2023)
Poster Contest (2023)
Pumpkin Decorating (2023)
Recipe Contest (2023)

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